Atkinson Irrigation Limited

Proudly Serving Canadian Golf Courses Since 1993

The team at Atkinson Irrigation is proud to be serving the Canadian golf industry for over 30 years. Providing  quality installations and exceptional after installation service.


With over 100 full course irrigation installations.  We are proud to be viewed as one of golf's premier irrigation contractors.


Whether it be an irrigation repair, retrofit of existing systems, or full new construction installations, our team of certified experts is fully equipped to provide you with a high quality installation.

Statement From Our President

January, 2023

Peter Atkinson

Thank you for 30 years of support!

At Atkinson Irrigation, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of irrigation installations. All of our systems are backed by exceptional customer service and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry to ensure you are never left without water. We are continually investing in our staff and equipment to ensure a  highly trained installation crew.

Our Services



Our company specializes in full course irrigation installations using state of the art installation equipment and technology that delivers the best results for each system we install.

Repair and Renovate

Atkinson Irrigation has a team of highly trained experts that can perform any irrigation repair. We strive to maintain the highest level of customer service while continuously learning to offer the best in technology and upgrades. All work is backed by service and warranty.

For any service needs, please connect with our team directly and we will make sure to minimize your downtime!

Pipe Fusing

Our fusion teams are ISCO/McElroy factory certified pipe fusing technicians with the ability to address any requirements and all sizes of high density pipe used on golf courses.

Whether is be a complete system or repair to a damaged section, our team can get you up and running.

Our Goal

Quality Installations

Maximize Your Efficiency

Our team at Atkinson is continually working to provide our customers the highest quality of irrigation installation. Paying attention to the fine details to ensure a successful installation.

We work to communicate throughout all aspects of the installation phase's in order to deliver long term reliable results.

Maximizing efficiency when doing a system upgrade or renovation is always front of mind. We work to find the perfect balance of ensuring you have water exactly where and when you need it while also reducing unnecessary costs and overall consumption.

Create The Best Golf Conditions

Ultimately our mission is to deliver a system that ensures your property will be in best possible playing conditions for golf. We are proud to have a job portfolio that includes a number of Canada's top courses!